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  Because of our unusual company name we receive a steady trickle of questions concerning lemming-related activities not connected with our core business.  In an attempt to provide answers to some of those questions immediately we have collected a number of descriptive pieces.

The Animals

We get frequent inquiries from people concerning the animals after which the company was named.  Many of these are high school students completing assignments, so to save you time if you need such information there are a number of excepts from published sources concerning these creatures.  Click on the links to the left of this page to see more.

The Game

We are not in any way associated with the Lemmings game, nor can we supply information about it.  For further information on the game's authors click here to see contact information.

The Companies

If you are looking for other companies with similar names you might check out the following links.  These companies have very similar domain names, differing only in the suffix:

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